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Unlock the Secret to a Long-Lasting Pueblo Style Roof with a Silicone Coating

Are you tired of constantly repairing leaks and dealing with water damage from your roof? Look no further! Discover 100% Silicone Roof Coatings – the ultimate solution to seal, protect, and enhance the lifespan of your roof. If you have any current leaks we suggest you patch them first with a professional roofer before we apply a membrane over the entire surface. We are not a roofing company, we specialize in surface coating.

Why Choose a Silicone Roof Coating?

Silicone Roof Coating is not just a coating; it's a shield for your roof, offering unparalleled protection against leaks, permanent ponding water, and the harsh effects of severe weather. Its unique silicone formula creates a seamless membrane, adapting to any surface, ensuring long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Versatility at Its Best

Silicone Roof Coating is incredibly versatile and is the perfect fit for various types of roofs and structures:

  • Flat and Sloped Roofs: Whether your home has a traditional sloped roof or a modern flat design, Silicone Roof Coating ensures complete coverage and protection.

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings: From your family home to large commercial buildings, our coating stands up to the challenges, providing robust protection.

  • Specialty Structures: Have a unique structure like a garage, patio cover, shed, or barn? Silicone Roof Coating has you covered!

  • Mobile Homes and RVs: Planning a road trip or living the mobile life? Protect your home-on-wheels with Silicone Roof Coatings.

  • Pueblo-Style Homes: Embrace the beauty of your Pueblo-style home while ensuring its roof is watertight and protected.

Going Above and Beyond

At our company, we believe in long term solutions. Quality or quantity. We first clean your entire roof, we scrub and wash it. Then, although Silicone Roof Coatings inherently have good adhesive properties, we go the extra mile by applying an epoxy primer, guaranteeing an exceptionally strong bond, enhanced durability, and additional protection, particularly over any potential vulnerabilities in your existing roof. This process is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier membrane solutions, allowing you to stress less about your roof and focus on what matters most. I'm not willing to take ANY shortcuts on your roof.

A Smart Investment for the Future

Choosing Silicone Roof Coatings is choosing a future with less stress over your roof. It is a total nightmare to get a leak on your roof, that's why we've decided to provide this service to our customers. The initial investment pales in comparison to the long-term savings, reduced energy bills, and the elimination of frequent repairs. Plus, the available variety of colors enhances the aesthetics of your property, adding value and appeal. Additional colors do come at a premium, the lowest cost solution is white as it's more readily available and we're only willing to use top quality products we have experience with for this application.. The product we use isn't locally available and has to be special ordered and freight shipped.

Contact Us Today - Let’s Protect Your Roof for Tomorrow

I'm a fan of waterproof membranes, ask us about our complete membrane solution for your entire pueblo style home. Reach out to us today at 435-277-0834! Our team of experts is eager to provide you with a top-notch roofing solution tailored to your needs. Don’t wait – ensure your roof is protected!

*Important Notice: Our Silicone Roof Coating is designed to enhance and protect the surface of your roof. However, it is crucial to understand that this product does not reinforce or strengthen the underlying structure or framework of the roof. We strongly recommend conducting a thorough inspection and any necessary repairs by a qualified roofing professional to ensure the integrity and soundness of your roof's structure before the application of our product. This ensures that our coating is applied to a stable and secure surface, maximizing its effectiveness and longevity.

Silicone Roof Coating
Silicone Roof Coating

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