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Seasonal Guide to Maintaining Different Parts of a Home


1. Exterior Cleaning and Inspection

  • Wash the Exterior: Use a pressure washer to clean the siding, brick, and stucco surfaces. Remove dirt, mold, and mildew. The greatest risk here with a pressure washer is water penetration. I recommend using an EXPERENCED professional.

  • Inspect Painted and Stained Surfaces: Look for peeling paint, cracks, and other signs of wear on exterior walls, decks, and fences. Scrape, sand, prime and recoat any areas that need attention.

  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Clear debris to prevent water damage and ensure proper drainage.

2. Roof and Chimney

  • Inspect the Roof: Look for damaged or missing shingles and repair as needed.

  • Clean Chimney: If you have a fireplace, ensure the chimney is clean and free of obstructions.

3. Yard and Garden

  • Prepare Garden Beds: Remove weeds, dead plants, and add fresh mulch.

  • Inspect Irrigation System: Check for leaks and ensure sprinklers are working properly.


1. Interior and Exterior Maintenance

  • Inspect and Clean Windows: Wash windows inside and out. Check for any needed repairs or caulking.

  • Recoat Decks and Fences: Summer is a great time to recoat decks and fences to protect them from sun damage and wear.

2. HVAC System

  • Service Air Conditioning: Ensure the AC unit is in good working order. Replace filters and clean ducts.

3. Pool Maintenance

  • Regular Cleaning: Skim debris, vacuum the pool, and maintain proper chemical levels.


1. Exterior Preparation

  • Wash and Inspect Exterior: Clean exterior surfaces again and inspect for any damage or wear.

  • Recoat as Needed: Address any areas that need recoating before winter as it may be difficult to find a week with the proper weather and temperature during winter.

2. Gutter and Roof Maintenance

  • Clean Gutters: Remove fallen leaves and debris to prevent blockages.

  • Inspect Roof: Ensure the roof is in good condition to withstand winter weather.

3. Yard and Garden

  • Prepare for Winter: Trim trees and bushes, rake leaves, and winterize your garden beds.

  • Drain and Store Hoses: Disconnect hoses, drain them, and store them indoors.


1. Interior Maintenance

  • Inspect Insulation and Sealing: Check for drafts and seal any gaps to keep your home warm and energy-efficient.

  • Service Heating System: Ensure your furnace is in good working order. Replace filters and check ducts.

2. Snow and Ice Management

  • Clear Snow and Ice: Regularly remove snow and ice from walkways, driveways, and roofs to prevent damage and accidents.

3. Indoor Projects

  • Paint Touch-Ups: Winter is a good time to tackle indoor painting projects or touch-ups.

  • Inspect Attic and Basement: Check for any signs of moisture or pests and address issues promptly.

Horizontal Surfaces

1. Patios and Driveways

  • Spring and Fall Cleaning: Pressure wash to remove dirt, mold, and algae.

  • Reseal as Needed: Apply a fresh coat of sealant to protect surfaces from weather and wear.

2. Decks and Porches

  • Regular Cleaning: Sweep and wash regularly to prevent buildup of dirt and debris.

  • Recoat or Stain: Inspect the condition of the finish and recoat or stain as needed to protect the wood.

Maintaining a regular schedule for cleaning, inspecting, and recoating various parts of your home ensures it remains in good condition and prevents costly repairs in the future. If you don't maintain a protective coating around wood you will end up replacing the wood. Call 3 Ropes Painting today if you're in Southern Utah for a free consultation at 435-277-0834.

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