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Recurrent Stucco Cracks: Addressing Your Concerns

We sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience caused by the reappearance of cracks in your stucco. We understand that this can be quite upsetting, and we want to provide some clarity on the issue while addressing your concerns.

Stucco, a concrete-like substance applied over a mesh, can indeed be prone to cracking. These cracks can extend all the way through the stucco layer. Simply adding another layer on top does not prevent the underlying sections from shifting and causing the cracks to reappear.

If you paid for elastomeric paint, rest assured that it was used. We rely on the specifications provided by the product manufacturer to ensure proper application and communicated the information from the product's marketing materials.

Stucco cracks can be particularly persistent. Re-stuccoing the entire surface of your house will result in most, if not all, of the cracks reappearing in the same places because the underlying issue remains unaddressed. The process of applying a thin layer of hard substance over an already cracked thick layer is not a lasting solution.

It's important to note that, assuming the stucco was installed according to code, there should be a water-repelling paper membrane at the base of the stucco, and the slabs are held together by a wire mesh.

Through our experience, we have found that the most effective method to address these cracks involves caulking to provide flexibility, patching with stucco over the top, and then painting. However, this doesn't fix the underlying problem. The most permanent solution is removing all the existing stucco and reapplying it after your home has settled. This, however, is not a cost-effective solution due to the expense involved. Even with this approach, factors such as earthquakes, blasting, or further shifting of the home can cause new cracks to form. Homes situated on soft soil are particularly susceptible to multiple cracks.

We hope this information helps you make more informed decisions regarding your stucco. For those with stucco in a home with soft soil, embracing the unique character that these cracks provide can be a positive perspective. If we did not adequately communicate the long-term realities of stucco maintenance, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are committed to improving our communication and providing the best possible service and solutions to our customers.

We understand that frustrations over cracks have led customers to become extremely critical of us. All of us involved in ownership have personally gone out to repair problems free of charge. Unfortunately, those cracks we fixed will eventually come back, but our reputation is paramount as a small, local, family-owned business.

Additionally, when touching up stucco, we often find it necessary to paint the entire face due to several factors. These include the need to match the current texture, differences in paint fading and weathering, and the seamless appearance required for large wall faces without natural breaks.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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