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3 Ropes Painting: A Family Bound by the Brushstrokes of History

Our story is more than the history of a family's craft, but also a testament to resilience, passion, and the enduring bond that transcends generations. Painting isn't just about coloring walls; it's an art that captures the essence of time, memories, and the imprints of hands that have brushed against the canvas of life.

Our painting lineage is rich, tracing back to the dedication and skill of our father, Steve. An interesting side note is Steve was a licensed chiropractor up until he passed and yet never practiced professionally. He often helped his friends and family. I was told many times that my father has a gift in his hands. He financed his studies with house painting and just stuck with it afterward. Painting was a craft he mastered under the guidance of his mentor, Paul Phipps.

Paul was not just any mentor. To hear our father tell it, Paul was an animated man, filled with humor and yet grounded by principles. Steve often shared anecdotes of their time together, painting them in the colors of humor, nostalgia and respect. Paul’s influence on Steve was evident; our father also embraced the balance of humor with the weight of responsibility and principles, a part of his manner I assumed was integrated from his time with Paul.

Steve's entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly when he founded Accent Painting in Southern California. For over three decades, this venture wasn't just a business; it was a testament to Steve's dedication to the craft. By the time we were teenagers, the essence of painting was ingrained in our very beings. I vividly recall holding a paintbrush to paint our house when I was only ten, under the watchful eye of our father. My father was notorious for not putting up with terrible work ethic and mistakes, even from a 10 year old. By 12 I remember working often with him on the weekends. Just as my 12 year old son now helps me.

Working alongside Steve was not for the faint-hearted. I continually thought, when painting around him, "Thick skin, soft heart." He demanded excellence, and mistakes were not tolerated. Painting with him was akin to undergoing a rite of passage and his sons, our friends, nieces, son-in-laws and many others that worked with him can attest to this, but this tough love was wrapped in wisdom. It pains me to think my sons and all his grandsons didn’t get that rite of passage as my father passed away too early. Our father believed that labor, especially the hard kind, shouldn't be tainted with complaints. It's a sentiment I hold close to this day. We learned that dwelling on pain or discomfort only amplifies it, while a positive attitude, seasoned with a good sense of humor, can make any task lighter.

The economic downturn in 2008 took a toll on my fathers business and it was never quite the same. However, like a phoenix, our family found a resurgence in painting. With my brother Jake, our father Steve, and myself deciding to embark on a new venture, we were at a crossroads for a suitable name. Given our surname, Roper, and the fact that there were three of us, the choice was almost serendipitous. Thus, 3 Ropes Painting was born, marking a new chapter in our rich legacy of painting. Just 10 years ago the three of us lived as far as one can in the lower 48 States. My father in California, my brother in North Virginia and myself in Texas and we all ended up here in St George, UT together.

Now that he’s gone, 2 Ropes left, we continue the legacy and eagerly anticipate the future Ropes we add to this fine lineage. Look for our splash! 3 Ropes Painting

3 ropes family
3 Ropes Family

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